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    If you read my novels, you can experience many lives, share adventures, and feel emotions you may never get to experience in real life.

    If you don’t read books, you live only one life, a solo adventure.

    My novels have many sub-plots interwoven with the main storyline that keep you guessing.

    If the reader can out-guess the author about where the story is going, the reading experience becomes boring.

    I don’t want you to be bored . . .


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Speaker at Civic Clubs


· El Dorado, Arkansas Kiwanis Club

· Magnolia, Arkansas  Rotary Club

· Arkadelphia, Arkansas  Rotary Club

· Fayetteville, Arkansas  Rotary Club

· Pine Bluff, Arkansas  Rotary Club

· Marion County, Arkansas   Rotary Club





























Cruise Speaker and Book Signing

on a cruise to the Panama Canal

November 2017

(That’s me signing in my Caribbean costume)


My List for a Successful Novel

1. The story should have one or more “larger than life” characters. Memorable characters give the reader a “hook” to remember the story and can give you the feeling you know the characters personally.

2. If the story has many characters, repeat their names and associate them with their title or job to help the reader keep them straight. Novels are confusing when you can’t remember who someone is and their relationship to the story.

3. The story should have several sub-plots woven into the main plot to make the story more interesting. It helps keep a fast pace throughout the novel.

4. The novel should be sprinkled with enough facts to make the story ring true. Well written fiction should have enough facts to give you the feeling it is a real-life story and could be believable.

5. It should have many unexpected twists and surprising turns . . . the reader should never be able to get ahead of the author and predict the outcome.

6. Keep the action moving . . . make the reader keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

7. When the situation seems to be approaching a resolution, inject a new crisis. It’s called “turning up the heat.”

8. Let the characters tell the story and keep it in active voice . . . long paragraphs of passive voice descriptions will tend to bore most readers.

9. Fictional Characters should each have a different voice . . . they should also use different words, e.g. adjectives and  nouns to give them a personality.

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An Adventure Novel


Based on an actual cruise to the

Panama Canal during November 2017


Join the author in an amazing experience

Learn why we have bananas year-round


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The 2 Book DNA Mystery Series


See the Video


 “The Secret DNA Code”      “The DNA Conspiracy”


Available in PRINT and eBook      Sequel available as an eBook



  w After death, do we become energy parcels roaming the Cosmos?

 w Do we learn all the secrets of the vast and unknown universe?

 w    Can we meet former friends and other entities from the past?

 w    Is there life on other planets in the galaxies?


 Read this Unique Theory


 Test Your Imagination


Download the eBook at Amazon


Available at B & N, itunes & Smashwords

Non-Fiction    For Thinking People

Thought provoking, fact filled and guaranteed to make you think.



















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Non-Fiction          “What Do We Do With What We’ve Learned”


Caribbean Series      “The Cruising Serial Killer”      “The Cruising Black Widow”

“Mystery On Elbow Cay”      “Her Two Week Cruise”


Other Novels     “A Poker Thief”      “The Secret DNA Code”         “The ISIS Pill”


New Theory     “Are We Energy Parcels”


Coffee Table Book         “Bones of the Garden”


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Caribbean Mysteries


DNA Mysteries

    The 4 Book Caribbean Series      See The VIDEO

Read Part of Book One

“The Cruising

Serial Killer”


Available in PRINT


Read Part of Book Two

“The Cruising

Black Widow”


Available in PRINT


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These Novels

were researched with many trips, cruises and vacations in the Caribbean.


Most locations are authentic and many events are based on  actual experiences.


ALL are

Available in PRINT

       Book One            

Read Part “Mystery on

Elbow Cay”

Available in PRINT

eBook at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords

Read Part

“Her Two

Week Cruise”

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“A Petit Jean Mystery”

Based in Arkansas’s Petit Jean State Park
























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"A Secret In Black"

tells a story forbidden by the biased news media.


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“More Secrets In Black”


SEQUEL with more insight

To what’s really happening

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If You Like Historical Fiction  -  A Trilogy

Three eBook Mystery Series set in 1964 In Louisiana

     Read about wild political corruption during the State elections in the post-Huey Long era

and the elected officials who went to prison.

     Remember Carlos Marcella, the Mafia Don in New Orleans, and the FBI’s futile attempt to exile him to Guatemala?

     When Carlos returns to New Orleans, his revenge is deep seated.


     Many of these fictional accounts are based on truth.


All are eBooks and are available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes& Noble, iTunes, and Kobo


eBooks ONLY $3.95

Read part of Book One

Read part of Book Two

Read part of Book Three




A Mystery Thriller


“The ISIS Pill”




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The Sequel



“A Pill Is Bitter”


The rest of the story


Available as an eBook


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Pleasant Memories

in 2013 at the Annual


“Blossom Festival”

Magnolia, Arkansas


Meet The Author

      Here, Michael is signing several books for Floyd Dobbs of Nacogdoches, Texas.

    Floyd was the Emcee for their 60th MHS class reunion during the 2013 Magnolia Blossom Festival.

Now Over Twenty-Five Published Books 

     Mystery Novels, Historical Novels, Non-fiction Books



Most of these books are FREE to borrow on

Amazon Kindle Unlimited !


A Complete List can be found at


Writers Conference


This is in Little Rock  -  2017, 2023


Attended Ozark Writers League in 2022, 2023

in Branson, MO



Remember the Bill Cosby Trial


This is a fictionalized version about what could have actually happened.




This is for ADULTS ONLY

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With Miss America


A Book Signing

at the




Hope Arkansas

August 13, 2016

Read  Part


“The Not-So-Little Rock”

An Erotic Novel  XXX


This is for ADULTS ONLY 


Kinky erotic play drives this novel of intrigue, murder, and politics as a billionaire reveals his humble beginnings with the discovery of a not-so-little rock in Arkansas's

Crater of Diamonds.

  Rich in history, the story includes the state's financial difficulties

during the depression.


It features North Little Rock's famous "Old Mill" shown in the opening scene of

"Gone With The Wind."



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